Kathy Strauss has been a photographer in one way or another all of her life. From making Super 8 movies with her older brother as a kid and taking photos for the high school yearbook to working at news publications and running a media business today.

Currently, Kathy is a freelance photographer and videographer in the Pacific Northwest. Her images and video stories reflect her ability to connect with a wide range of subjects and issues. Her background in photojournalism is evident in her documentary approach to both portrait work and video storytelling. Kathy also works each year during the Washington State Legislative Sessiona as a legislative photographer.

Kathy is available for hire for families, senior, pets and sports team photography. She also makes videos for organizations wishing to highlight their work online. Kathy volunteers making photographs and videos for Olympia Family Theater, the Olympia School District, the Olympia Food Co-op and more.

Kathy lives with her husband and two children in Olympia, Washington.